At the heart of my journey lies my passion for aviation. Currently a pilot at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott Campus, every flight, simulation, and lesson propels me closer to my ultimate goal: joining the ranks of commercial airline pilots. My training at Embry-Riddle, a premier institution in aerospace education, equips me with rigorous technical skills, an understanding of aviation regulations, and the discipline needed in this demanding profession. Each time I'm in the cockpit, I'm reminded of the incredible blend of precision, responsibility, and freedom of being a pilot.

Complementing my flight training is my minor in Business Administration. This combination hones my administrative acumen and instills a sense of business pragmatism and strategy into my aviation pursuits. It's a balance that will serve me well in the multifaceted world of commercial airlines.

My entrepreneurial streak found expression in 2020 when I co-founded ZG Clothing, a streetwear brand that swiftly gained prominence, securing a spot at the top of Google search rankings. "Defy the Norm," our brand's statement, reflects my personal and professional ethos of challenging the status quo in fashion or the skies.

In 2022, I diversified my entrepreneurial endeavors by launching a car rental service through the Turo app. My rapid recognition as an All-Star Host with a 100% 5-star satisfaction rate showcases my dedication to top-notch customer service and adaptability.

Beyond my business and aviation interests, my artistic side flourishes through my experiences in video editing and film production. Directing a short film from scratch has been one of my most enriching experiences, teaching me storytelling, team coordination, and visual narrative art.

As my journey unfolds, I'm keen to connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts, professionals, and recruiters in the aerospace industry. I'd love to hear from you if you share my passion for the skies or see potential synergies in any of my ventures.

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