Revolutionizing Fleet Management for Turo in Prescott, Arizona
Servicing Prescott, AZ & Phoenix, AZ

Our Journey
Founded in 2023, SK LEE LLC embarked on a mission to redefine Turo hosting and fleet management in Prescott, Arizona. Born from a vision to innovate within the car-sharing market, our company has quickly established itself as a leader in efficient and customer-focused fleet operations.

The Vision
At SK LEE LLC, our goal is not just to participate in the market but to dominate it. We are dedicated to growing our fleet, ensuring that each vehicle is maintained to the highest standards, and providing exceptional service to every client. Our vision extends beyond Prescott; we aim to replicate our successful model in major cities nationwide, setting new benchmarks in the Turo hosting domain.

Our Services
We specialize in comprehensive fleet management, offering a seamless experience for both vehicle owners and renters. Our services are designed to maximize vehicle utilization while ensuring top-notch maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Achievements and Growth
In our inaugural year, we have successfully managed a diverse range of vehicles, consistently receiving positive feedback for our attention to detail and customer service. Our utilization rates have steadily climbed, indicating a growing trust and preference for our fleet in the Prescott area.

The Team
Behind SK LEE LLC is a dedicated team, each bringing unique strengths. Our combined expertise in business management, customer service, and automotive maintenance forms the backbone of our operations. Together, we're committed to elevating SK LEE LLC to new heights.

Looking Ahead
Our roadmap includes aggressive expansion plans. Once we establish a stronghold in Prescott, we plan to venture into major urban markets, applying our proven strategies to larger fleets and broader client bases.

Partnership and Growth
We are always looking for like-minded partners who share our vision for innovation in fleet management. Join us as we set new standards in the Turo marketplace.
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